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Another reason not to use native technology over web hybrid

Yesterday night my client fanatically called me up and asked that another developer has goofed up on a piece of code and it was pushed to production. He asked me if something can be done about it. I said sure, I can push an over the air update bypassing the app stores so that the […]

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Why cross platform mobile development is need of the hour.

I recently went to a startup meetup where I saw lot of demos for the mobile apps. All the startups were in the mobile app space and strangely enough, they had only Android based app ready for the market. When I asked them as to the status of the iOS app, everyone said that it […]

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Why do projects get delayed?

Software development get delayed. This is the truth. Specially since IT industry is fraught with examples where the project delays by upto 6 months or more. So, why the delay? Why can’t we measure the exact requirements and create the time lines accordingly? Lets see the reasons: No planning: Yes, this is the main reason […]

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