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My App Development Process:


I will create an app development plan for your business needs. This will help in working efficiently.


A mobile app designer will make your app design and UX. The designer will ensure that the app looks and works as per your end user needs.


I will start mobile app development by converting the design into functional app as per the plan we decided.


Once I finish developing the app, we test every feature really carefully to make sure it works well. I will then make changes as per the requirements.


After the mobile app is developed and tested, the app is uploaded in the app stores and launched. We now enter maintenance mode.


In the maintenance mode, I will keep a look-out on the performance of the app and tweak as needed. I will also solve bugs, if any, free of cost.

Some of the mobile apps developed by me (Click here to see my work):

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Why you should hire me?

  1. I only work on your project: I take only 1 project at a time, yours. When I am working on your project, I refuse any other project because I want to give my best to you and create value for you
  2. I don’t make a fool out of my clients: I don’t charge for small work which will take maximum 1 hour. I have seen almost all the freelancers and companies making a fool of the clients by stating that the work is very lengthy but in reality, it is trivial and will not take more than 1 hour
  3. I am not working full time anywhere else: I work full time for myself and devote whole 8 hours working on your project
  4. I am prompt and available to help you out: I will reply promptly and on time to your queries and be available to help you in your project
  5. I code securely: When I code, I make sure that it is not hackable. I spend time and money on researching and securing the code so that you don’t face any downtime and embarrassment
  6. When I develop, I develop without bugs: The number of bugs in my code is low as I take good care and take full responsibility of your project
  7. I treat your project as mine: I treat every project as mine. I promptly suggest ideas and technology which will help your project scale up and it is because I treat a project not as a mere project but my own baby
  8. I hand hold you every step of the way: I know that you are not technical and want somebody to take care of everything. That is where I come in. You don’t have to take tension as regards to technology stack and do what you do best, taking care of your business
  9. I provide good after sales support: Many people/companies don’t provide any after sales support once the project is delivered. I provide support like meeting after project delivery, any small enhancements, any questions etc. All these are free of cost and not charged to you
  10. I work as a consultant and not just a developer: You can ask me anything related to technology. Even if you want to ask me which card swipe machine you should take, I will be able to suggest you something
  11. I suggest what is best for your business: I want you to save money and not spend unnecessarily. I actually suggest ways to you to save cost on infrastructure. This has resulted in my clients saving huge costs in long term
  12. I spend time in learning about new technology: IT changes so often and so fast that many developers are out of date if they don’t spend time on learning new things. I spend time dedicatedly so that I know what is going on in the technology field and as a result I am able to handle your requirements well

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Read what my mobile app development clients say about me:

I was introduced to Gaurav in January 2019 and soon realised the biggest emotional step to take when outsourcing across continents is that of trust. Gaurav made this very easy. He quickly defined the professional parameters we would engage in, met my team, and got to work. He brought life to our product his way and always delivered above our expectations. He epitomises flexibility, speed, ingenuity, patience and passion of a rare great developer, one who can also relate to the customer.

Ten months later we are putting the finishing touches to 3 apps! My experience of outsourcing has been nothing less than superb thanks to Gaurav. I have absolute trust in recommending him to anyone who is looking for and expecting greatness.

— Su Kahumbu Stephanou, CEO Green Dreams TECH Ltd Kenya, Founder iCow

We hired Gaurav to build a mobile app and even before the 1st launch, we had made up our mind to continue working with him for the next launch as well.

Gaurav is a self-driven, punctual and trustworthy developer whom you can rely on to go the extra mile and deliver quality services. His work ethics are specially commendable, and that is all you really need in a good freelancer – capability and integrity, which Gaurav is a great example of!

Looking forward to working with him on the next phase of our project now!

— Rishika, WedHaven

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