How do Freelance Developers and Companies earn money?

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Don’t be fooled by the price of mobile app development. Look at the long-term costs.

Recently I got a call from a prospect. He wanted to get a mobile app developed and was shopping around for a freelancer or a company. I quoted him my price and he countered by stating that they already had a talk with another freelancer who was ready to do the work in 1/4th of the price I quoted. I told him that he is more than welcome to hire that person if he thinks that he will be getting a good deal but in reality it is not a good deal. Here’s why:

Almost 99% of the freelance mobile app developers or mobile app development companies in India work on a simple model, which is actually taken from Inkjet printer companies (printers are very cheap but the ink is very costly). They will quote you very less amount so that you are tempeted to hire them in the first place. Once, you give them the contract or pay them, they will start extorting the money from you for a long time.

Let us take an example. Suppose you have a budget or Rs. 1L and time line of 1 month. You shop for a company or a freelancer and you utlimately settle on Rs. 50K as the price of a project to be delivered in 1 month. They will take advance from you and start the work. Then they will start delaying the project as they would be working on more than 3 projects simultaneously to offset the low cost and earn money. They will tell you all kinds of technical jargon. 1 month will become 3 months for you and will make you unhappy. You go back to them saying you are not happy with their performance and you want all the code to be given back to you. They will say NO and you will be stuck with them.

Then one day you want to get something changed like a spelling. They will quote you 5 times of the normal rate and will try to convince you that it is a huge time taking work, but in reality it will not take more than 15 minutes. They have succeeded in fooling you. You will have no choice but to given in to their demands and the project cost, which was supposed to be Rs. 50K, ultimately becomes Rs. 1.5L. So, you end up paying more than your budget.

I don’t work like this. I will quote you what I think is the fair price for both of us and will not make a fool of you ever. If there is a delay, I will tell you why and be truthful about it. That is why I am expensive than most of the other mobile app developers or mobile app development companies in India.

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