Why limited mobile apps in my portfolio?

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Recently one of the potential clients asked me as to why I have so fewer mobile apps listed under my work. I am going to explain as to why there are limited mobile apps in my portfolio.

Most Important Reason: If I take every project that comes my way, I cannot control the quality. By being selective in taking projects, my clients are directly happy with my work as I am 100% committed to them.

  1. I am a Freelance Mobile App Developer: This means that I have access to limited resources, especially time, and I don’t want to waste these resources in creating something idiotic or very trivial. I can also just copy an existing app and create a flappy bird clone but I don’t want to. I don’t want to waste my time in something which is of no value and which does not help someone achieve a goal.
  2. I also do web work: Apart from being a freelance mobile app developer, I also develop web applications. This means that when I am not developing a mobile app, I am spending time either tweaking an exisitng web app or developing a new one.
  3. Developing mobile apps cost money: Yes, developing mobile apps cost money like paying Apple or Google for development, paying web services for Push Notifications and what not. A mobile app is equivalent to a desktop software. It is no way cheaper to develop it.
  4. I want to do something of value: When clients come to me with their goals, I get a sense of purpose. I feel proud to help someone achieve those goals and in turn get money for my work. I don’t like to spend my time idling away on something which will never be used.
  5. When I don’t have projects, I spend time in updating myself: Most of the freelancers/developers/working people I know while away their time when they are free. They don’t want to learn anything new and feel that the current toolset is fine for them. Wrong, technology changes so much that if you are not up to date, you are obsolete.
  6. I am expensive: Yes, I am expensive. Many times, people are not able to afford me due to many reasons like low budget, not serious about apps for their business, me too thinking etc. I don’t negotiate on pricing so I simply say no to them. Want to know why I am expensive? Click Here
  7. Lot of Projects are under NDA: It means I cannot disclose those projects to anyone for whom I have worked. Why? Because the companies or individuals do not want their competitors to know who made their apps. And many times, I work with sensitive data so companies don’t want people to know who worked on their software.

Above are few of the reasons why I don’t have many mobile apps in my portfolio. But does this mean I cannot help you out in your next project? No. Get in touch to hire me for your next project.

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