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Freelance Mobile Application Developer in Noida, Delhi NCR

I am the only Freelancer in India to give a 30 Days Satisfaction Money Back GUARANTEE.

I develop Hybrid Android & iOS Mobile Apps for companies and individuals around the world using Ionic.

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My name is Gaurav Chandra, and I am a freelance mobile application developer based in Noida, part of Delhi NCR, India. I have 13 years of experience as a Developer and I ran my own company for 2.5 years. I work with small and large businesses based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, all over India or World.

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What I do?

I develop Hybrid Android & iOS mobile apps using Ionic which are compatible with Android 5+ and iOS 9+.

How much does it cost to develop a Mobile App?

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How much time does it take to develop a Mobile App?

2 months is the average time required but it can increase or decrease also. Mobile app development is dependent on lot of factors like do you need people to login or register, upload photos or download files etc.

Why do you need a mobile app?

Mobile apps are the future of digital media. With mobile applications you get an opportunity to promote offers and discounts on the fly to all the subscribers who have downloaded your app.

With sms being capped and people opting for DND, the mobile apps are the best way to reach your audience with push notifications. Push notifications in mobile apps are free of cost and can convey promotional and transactional information both. This saves a lot of time and money than sending sms or emails to the intended audience. With mobile apps you are sure that you are reaching the right audience as only those people who want to take your service or are genuinely interested, install your app.

So if you are a small or big business or a start-up, planning to put some money in digital marketing, then it might a good idea to think about mobile application development along with your new website.

Why should we Hire you? You will run off with our money?

There are 2 kinds of people: one who you can trust and other who take your money and run. I am in the former category. I know that you might not have had a very good experience in outsourcing to Indian developers or freelancers but I assure you that I am not like that. I tend to work on only one project at a time so that I can give my best to it and that is why I am expensive also. Since, I take only those projects which fire up my inner developer, I am totally devoted to your project. Give me a chance and see for yourself.

Mobile App Freelancer in India or Development Company in India?

You might be asking your self a question right now, should I hire a freelance mobile app developer or a mobile app development company in India. I will make it easy for you. Hire a freelance mobile app developer if you have a limited budget and want to get to market quickly. The reason is that in case of a company, there are so many processes to follow that you end up spending days in getting some minor work done. Then you will go through a hierarchy of managers before your work lands up in front of the developer or a designer and you never know whether the right person got the whole gist of your problem. Also, the mobile app development company will be working on 5 projects simultaneously to cut down the cost and increase profits. They will take your project by promising lot of things in the beginning and then when you would start working with them, there will be delays for which they will tell you lot of technical problems which you would not know. And you will end up getting stuck with them. If you hire me, a freelance mobile app developer, I will be working only on your project as I work on one project at a time. No more delays, no more getting fooled with technological jargon. If there is a delay, I will always tell the right and truthful reason.

Hire me and you will have a quick turn around time for your project.

Should I hire a Mobile App Developer in Delhi (NCR)?

Yes, the rule of thumb is that you should hire a mobile app developer in Delhi or Noida or Gurgaon or Faridabad if you are based in Delhi (NCR). This way you will have fast access to the mobile app developer if you need to meet face to face.

Meeting via skype or on phone is good and manageable but when you need to show something on the device, it gets very difficult as there are so many devices with different configurations, that many times a problem occurs in one device but it cannot be replicated in another device. So, to understand the problem completely the mobile app developer has to look at the device.

Who are my clients?

My mobile app clients are individuals, startups and businesses who want to get a mobile app developed for their internal use or distributing it to their end customers.

How can we discuss about our app requirements?

You can get in touch with me on my email mailme@gaurav.mobi or call on 9555217771. If you are based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or Faridabad, we can meet for tea/coffee and discuss your concept and requirements in detail.

Get in touch with me to know more how you can benefit by hiring me.

Full support with money back guarantee and hand holding.

Call on 9555217771.