Software development get delayed. This is the truth. Specially since IT industry is fraught with examples where the project delays by upto 6 months or more. So, why the delay? Why can’t we measure the exact requirements and create the time lines accordingly? Lets see the reasons:

  1. No planning: Yes, this is the main reason of delays. The need analysis is always rushed and the developers don’t take full stock of the situation. As a result there is no planning done before starting the project.
  2. Developers don’t listen to the client’s requirements: Believe it or not this happens. We are so much into projecting ourselves in front of the potential clients that we forget that we need to listen to the details as that is where the clues lie. Many times non technical people don’t know how to put their thoughts across in clear terms and developers need to listen to the client.
  3. Clients don’t know what they want: Almost every time the clients start with a paragraph and don’t know what they want till developers actually ask the right questions. Non clarity of thoughts lead to non planning and delays in the project.
  4. Endless changes: If you don’t know what you want, you will never be satisfied with the current state and will keep doing changes. That is why need analysis is a very important feature.
  5. No scope of work: There is no defined scope of work. There is no versioning or breaking the requirements in steps so that the project does not go on endlessly. In my experience almost 99% of the projects don’t have scope of work defined.
    I have been in IT industry for almost 11 years now and I have seen companies struggling and freelancers banging their head just because they fail to plan. I don’t do that. When you hire me, there is a systematic approach which I follow and get answers to all the questions before I take on a project. If I see that I cannot complete the project in timely manner, I always say no.
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