My First Blank Cheque

When someone gives you a blank cheque, it is the ultimate testimonial for trust and transparency.
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Blank Cheque given to Gaurav Chandra, 19 years experienced Mobile Application Developer in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad

The ultimate testimonial is when someone puts so much trust in you that they give you a blank cheque. Yes, my first blank cheque.

I got this blank cheque when I had started my company and I was the only one working. The gentleman is from diamond industry and he was interested in getting his business online but was apprehensive about selling online on internet. He was dissuaded by other people from his industry to the point of giving up on even trying but he contacted me after he saw one of the e-commerce websites I made for a jeweller.

It took me 5 face to face meetings, which lasted at least 2 hours each, for him to say YES to my offering. He asked lot of questions and once he was convinced that I was the right person for the job, he hired me.

After couple of milestones when he had to pay me for my services, he gave me a blank cheque and said: “I trust you completely. Fill in the details on your own.”

I was taken aback and in fact told him to fill and give me the cheque but he insisted that I keep the blank cheque. This was the biggest achievement of my professional career. This is what I work for. Trust and transparency are my ultimate goal and this is what sets me apart from other people out there.

When you hire me, you hire me not for development but hire me to increase your business or bring your idea to life. Anyone can create mobile apps these days looking at YouTube videos but can they help you take your business to a new level? That is a million-dollar question.

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