Yesterday night my client fanatically called me up and asked that another developer has goofed up on a piece of code and it was pushed to production. He asked me if something can be done about it. I said sure, I can push an over the air update bypassing the app stores so that the users will get the corrected update instantly. He took a sigh of relief and I did just that and within minutes all of his users had a stable version of the app once again. Day is saved.
How is that possible you ask? Simple, using web based hybrid technologies, the business logic is coded in the javascript part which runs within a container and executes command. This container is chromimum based web view on Android and Safari on iOS. Using Microsoft App Center, I was able to compile the app and push it over the air.
If this would have been flutter, xamarin, nativescript, react native, native android app or native ios app, this instant deployment would not have been possible. In case of these technologies, the app would need to be submitted to ios and android app stores and we would be at the mercy of these app stores to release the app as and when they seem fit.
Do think about this. Web based technologies are for the win.