Any mobile app will cost between 1,50,000 to 5,00,000 / US$ 4,000 to US$ 10,000

The final price is dependent on the number of features and complexity.
Taj Mahal would not be so beautiful and everlasting if Shahjahan would have taken quotation and gone for the lowest! Cheap is not the best.
Trust comes at a price and that is why I don't take any project below 1,50,000 or US$ 4,000
If you are looking for a cheapest mobile app developer, please look somewhere else. I am more expensive than other freelancers.

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What are you buying from me?

You are not buying just my services but trust and my knowledge. Any tom, dick and harry with 0 experience can make apps these days. Making apps do not mean only coding but knowledge & experience which will make the users use your app. You need a person who can understand your idea and convert that to a functional, usable app. You need a partner. That comes at a price. That is why I am more expensive that other freelancers. Click here to read what my existing clients say about me.

Please note that I am NOT a designer.

I am a developer who codes and makes the app work. I only make screens using standard operating system user interfaces. If you want your app to look and feel like Zomato or Amazon or Instacart or Uber or Ola or like nothing else on the app store, you need to hire a designer who will create the screens in PhotoShop. A developer converts those non functional screens into workable app using code. I am a DEVELOPER and not a designer. I cannot design an app but I know great designers who can help you out.

The pricing here is for the DEVELOPMENT or CODING. NOT DESIGNING.

Do you develop native mobile apps?

Yes, and No. Yes as I develop for Android only when it comes to native mobile apps. And No as I also develop hybrid mobile apps which run on iOS too. You need a cost effective way to create an app and Hybrid apps are the way to go. All the apps which I developed are hybrid just because my clients wanted the apps to run on both platform with minimal budget.

You cannot buy an Audi at the price of Maruti 800.
Don't let your business or idea suffer in the longterm for the sake of saving few thousands today. You will surely regret it later.
Invest in a good partner and you will see the benefits soon.
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Gaurav Chandra : Freelance Mobile App Developer

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