> If you are looking to get an app developed in 10 days, please hire somebody else.
I have been getting lot of queries since the lockdown asking me if I can develop an app for both iOS and Android in less than 10 days. Sorry, I can’t. It is not possible if you want your business to succeed. Here are the reasons why I can’t develop an app in 10 days:

  1. Developing an app means that I have to develop for Android and iOS separately even if it is a hybrid app. Both platforms are completely different in their way to run an app. Both platforms have their own set of guidelines and policy which need to be adheared to. An app is not a website which runs in all browsers automatically.
  2. An app needs a place to store and sync data. It needs a way to communicate with the database and for that, server side coding also needs to be done which is a software on its own. It means I have to code 3 times: iOS, Android and Server.
  3. Testing, testing and more testing. Do you want your business reputation to be ruined? Do you want your customers be unhappy? Do you want 1 star reviews in app stores? Do you want bad social media feedback? If your answer is no, then we need to do many rounds of testing. There are bugs, feedback changes and more testing. This takes time. On top of that I have to test the app on at least 5 models of Android and 3 models of Apple iPhone. If you include iPad then add 3 more models. All of this takes lot of time.

    Then how come other developers are claiming to develop the app so fast
    Here are the reasons:

  4. They have a copy of the same mobile app which they developed for others
  5. They are luring you in with their promise. Once you give them an advance, they will hook you and 10 days will become 2 months easily. Once you have given them money, you will not leave them
  6. They will not do any customization. You will be forced to use their app the way they developed
  7. There will be whole lot of bugs
  8. They do not take responsibility for bad reviews/customer satisfaction. They do not care about you but only your money
  9. Once you pay them, they will charge more & more for simple changes and start making a fool out of you
    Do you really think that there are apps which are one size fits all? Do you think your business can work like a car: one model for all? I don’t think so. You need a partner who will work with you and not for your money.