Recently I met a prospective client and he told me that while searching for different companies for his requirement, he came across couple of them who marketed themselves saying that they have created apps for fortune 500 companies or major e-commerce players. On asking more, the sales guy told him that they have not actually done any work for them but are using their names for marketing.
This made my head spin and wonder that where have all the ethics of business gone? So, if you have come to my website looking for someone for your work, here are some of the points you should follow:

  1. Ask how many apps they have built
  2. Pick any one app from their portfolio and ask them to explain the process they followed
  3. Ask for proofs that the apps are made by them. If they have proof like source code, logins etc. it means that they have developed the apps
  4. Ask how will they approach your requirements
  5. Ask them about the process of developing an app
  6. Ask them that why is the tech they suggest good for your requirement
  7. And ask a lot of other random questions till the time you are satisfied
    Many companies/individuals don’t want to reveal a lot and will try to keep you in dark. If you feel uncomfortable or do not trust them, refrain from hiring them. After all by giving them your project, you will be spending your hard earned money and will be stuck with them for a long time.