I have worked on lot of projects in the last 14 years, some are still functional and some are closed. Many projects are under NDA so I cannot list them out here. I don't develop games.

Web Application/Software

  1. MakPacs Software for Tele-Radiology Reporting
    I created a web based software for the company so that the doctors and radiology centers can come online and share the scans and reports at a central place.

Apart from the list of projects above, I have also worked for Coca Cola, Logitech, Qatar Airways and some more big companies.

I have not done any app which has thousands of download or which has gone viral. If you are looking for that kind of developer, please look else where but if you are looking for a person who understands your business and would work as a partner, contact me.

There are somethings which I don't do:

  1. Change code in existing web or mobile apps: More often than not it is a nightmare for developer and owner
  2. Wordpress or CMS or tweaking any website: I take only those projects which excite me. Working on wordpress, cms or existing website is not interesting to me
  3. Rush jobs: I don't take rush jobs. I work on a pre-defined schedule which helps me to give my 100%. Rush jobs are a headache

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