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Looking for a reliable fast web hosting server for your next project? Cloudways is the best option.

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When it comes to hosting your website, software or backend for your app, a reliable server is of utmost importance. With so many choices on the internet, it is very difficult to choose the right company. I have tried many web hosting companies during the course of my career and I have successfully concluded that Cloudways is the best option.

It is very simple to use and they provide 24/7 support via chat, phone and email. My own website is hosted on their vps server and I have all my clients on Cloudways servers.

You have an option to host your website on Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and more. But I have found that Digital Ocean gives the best price. With numerous data center locations, Digital Ocean scores the most points. Now you must be thinking that I am talking about Cloudways and how does Digital Ocean comes into picture. Well, Cloudways has built a service on top of servers provided by Digital Ocean. To run a server you need to ensure that the compatible software is installed and updated. Monitoring of server is needed and security patches to be done to secure your data from hackers. All this is taken care of by Cloudways.

Whats more is that the Super Fast Plans start from US$ 10 per month.

You can create a free account on Cloudways and then add your credit card. Once, credit card is added you can create a server for your app or website or software. Then attach the domain and start serving content within couple of minutes.

You should checkout Cloudways website so that you get to know about them in detail. I can guarantee that the service is worth your effort and money.

NOTE: Cloudways only supports PHP server side programming language. If you are using dot net or python, Cloudways is NOT the right option.

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Feeling Confused? Don't want to do the work your self? Hire me to do the hard stuff.

For a one time fees, I will setup your server for you.

Please scroll horizontally to see the details.

Service is provided between 9am to 6pm INDIA TIME Monday to Friday only. I work alone. I don't have a team.

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Feature Rs. 3,000/- or US$ 100 one time Rs. 4,000/- or US$ 120 one time Rs. 7,000/- or US$ 160 one time
Create a new GMAIL Account
Create Cloudways Account
Set up a server
Setup Database Server
Setup FTP Server
Attach your domain
Set up SSL Certificate
Configure DNS for your domain
Upload your website or PHP code
  Rs. 3,000/- or US$ 100 one time Rs. 4,000/- or US$ 120 one time Rs. 7,000/- or US$ 160 one time

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment needs to be done in advance.
  2. Payment can be done via bank transfer or PayTM or PayPal or Bitcoin.
  3. All Payments are NON REFUNDABLE.
  4. The TAT (Turn Around Time), time taken to complete all steps, is 6 hours. It can be sooner also.
  5. Service is provided between 9am to 6pm INDIA TIME Monday to Friday only. I work alone. I don't have a team.
  6. Once the Cloudways account is setup, you would need to attach your credit card or pay a minimum of 1 month of server fees to Cloudways via PayPal before I can setup a server for you. Without this step, I will not be able to set up a server.
  7. TAT of 6 hour will not apply if there is a delay of more than 1 hour from your side in payment to Cloudways.
  8. Once all the steps are done from my side, you will get a PDF file and email with all the usernames and password. You will also get a step by step instructions to connecting your website, app or software with the server.
  9. You would need to change all passwords when I deliver the data to you.
  10. I will not be held responsible for any hack after I deliver my document and if you don't change your passwords.
  11. I will destroy all data related to configuration of your server after I deliver the document. So, you are responsible for keeping the username and passwords safe.

The above terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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