30 days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

I am the only Freelancer in India who is giving this guarantee.

For every project, I give a 30 days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. This means that if for some reasons you are not happy with the progress of the app, you can claim a refund for the project cost before 30 days are over.

When you initiate a refund, I will pay back the amount you paid, minus administrative expenses, for the project in the bank account you give. I want you to feel absolutely comfortable parting with your hard earned money so that we have a long relationship. However, there are certain terms and conditions for availing this guarantee.

Terms and Conditions for Guarantee

  • Full 100% of the project cost needs to be paid in advance
  • If the client is initiating the refund, minimum amount of Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted towards administration expenses like cost of stamp paper, notary and transportation costs which I incur for the project
  • The monthly maintenance paid is non refundable as it starts after the product goes live
  • The server cost is non refundable as it is paid directly to the server company and not me
  • If cash is paid for the project, it will not be refunded. Only the amount which is paid via Bank Transfer is refundable
  • The guarantee will start from the day the amount is credited in my bank account
  • For calculation, the guarantee days will be calendar days and not business days
  • The client has to initiate the refund request via email and telephonic call. SMS and WhatsApp will not be accepted as mode of request
  • The amount of refund will be only paid via Cheque which will be couriered to the client's address
  • Minimum 3 Bank Days are needed to courier the refund Cheque to the client's address
  • All the code, design, app, service, website or any other thing made for the project will be the property of Gaurav Chandra. After refund, the client cannot claim ownership on any point mentioned above and I can reuse it as and when I deem fit
  • The refund will not be given if there is a deliberate delay from the client's side like delay in approvals, delay in giving the data or delay in meeting for discussions. If delay is happening, I will convey the same in writing via email and on telephonic call
  • The refund will not be given if the instructions given to me are not to the point and/or are ambiguous like not explaining what the app or the service will do etc.
  • The refund will not be given if the contract has not been signed

I am NOT taking anymore projects till 31st August 2018.

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