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Life Store

I developed a mobile app which would enable people to buy medicines from nearby pharmacists.

About the Life Store Mobile App

I developed a hybrid mobile app for the company which would enable the users to buy medicines from the pharmacists nearby. Users would write or take a photo of the medicine and upload their prescription. Then their order is matched with the pharmacist near by who would supply their medicines. Along with medicines, the users would register themselves as blood donors or donate extra medicines or put in a request for a medicine.

Technology Used

  1. Ionic Framework 1
  2. Cordova
  3. Android 4.4+
  4. iOS 8+
  5. PHP
  6. MySQL
  7. Virtual Private Server

I am not doing freelancing anymore. It was a great ride but I have joined a company as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Gaurav Chandra : Freelance Mobile App Developer

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