iCow – An App for Farmer Education

I developed a mobile app for Nairobi, Kenya based company which allows the farmers to get proper education and help from different experts.

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I am NOT taking any more projects for now. Please do not get offended.

About iCow – An App for Farmer Education

One of the most difficult, vast and awesome app I developed for a company based out of Nairobi, Kenya. They wanted an app to spread farming education among the farmer community. Being in Kenya, Africa, the company had a problem which needed an efficient solution. There is a huge problem of electricity and mobile data is super expensive. Due to farmers not being able to recharge their phones, the app had to be as efficient as possible so that high amount of BATTERY is not used. And with mobile data super expensive, all the data, courses, videos etc. needed to be available offline as farmers would switch on their mobile data once in 3-4 days. So, the app needed to be light with very few app updates. I also developed their backend admin interface with full API access for mobile. They are now going to create a web version also and since I developed a hybrid app, I can use 50% of the existing code base of mobile app for web version. They are also thinking of creating an app for KaiOS. One of my STAR clients.

Update: iCow was recently featured in 2 prominent media websites in Africa. This brings me great joy that thousands of people are benefited by the work I did. Check these links:

  1. http://www.jkuat.ac.ke/departments/it/top-10-mobile-apps-every-african-must-have/
  2. https://www.businesslive.co.za/redzone/news-insights/2021-05-17-towards-a-better-understanding-of-consumers-on-the-african-continent/

Technology Used

  1. Ionic Framework 4
  2. Cordova
  3. Android 5+
  4. HTML 5
  5. PHP
  6. MySQL
  7. Virtual Private Server

I am NOT taking any more projects for now. Please do not get offended.

Gaurav Chandra, Freelance Mobile App Developer Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad.

I am NOT taking any more projects for now. Please do not get offended.