Grocery Delivery App like Milkbasket, Ninjacart, BBDaily or Supr

Customer iOS + Android app, Delivery Boy Android App and Admin Panel for your business.

Are you looking to start a grocery delivery service? Do you want an app to enable your customers to start ordering on your app? Then look no further.

Since the start of lockdown, I have been getting lot of queries about grocery delivery app. Lot of people have different requirements. So, I have created 2 plans for you.

I care about your business and not about your money. That is why I am more expensive than others.

Do you really want your customers to give 1 star review on app store and ruin your business reputation?
If yes, then there are many freelancers who will make the app in Rs. 50K or less. Hire them.

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Development Cost One Time:
This is the package cost for development.
Rs. 1,20,000/- Rs. 1,60,000/-
More Expensive because of Wallet. You do not want your customers to lose money and file a case against you. Full transaction report is maintained.
Mobile Apps: TABLET is not supported. iOS + Android iOS + Android
Time taken for Development: Development requires lot of testing.
The time mentioned here is approximate.
It can be sooner also depending on features
30 days 45 days
Free Support: After app is live. Does not include any major changes.15 business days 30 business days
Standard Design: App, Admin, Email and Invoice designs will be standard. Only Logo and colours will be changed.
Marketing Website: No marketing website in this package.
Customer App Features (iOS and Android)
Mobile OTP Login + Register: Customers will be
logged in using mobile number
Products and Categories
Subscription for Daily Delivery
Cancel Subscription permanently/certain dates
Vacation Mode: customers can cancel the
daily deliveries for certain date range
Customer Wallet
Wallet Transactions
Add Money to Wallet using a Payment Gateway
Cashback: In form of refund,
this can be used to buy other products
Weekly Order Calendar
Today's product to be delivered
Order History
Product search
Cart and Checkout: Cut off time for next day delivery
can be configured like 11pm.
Customers will have to place an order
for next day delivery before this time
Customer details like address, delivery instructions, phone etc.
Promotional Banner/Information
Push Notifications
Razorpay Payment Gateway Implementation
Delivery Boy App Features (Android only)
Login: Only Admin can register delivery boy using Phone and Passcode
Assigned Deliveries List: Get a list of all deliveries and subsequent
products assigned to the delivery boy
Order details: The delivery boy can check the delivery details like
customer name, address, phone and other instructions.
Also, they can match the products for
delivery with packaged products so that there is no confusion
Mark status of delivery: For each delivery, the delivery boy has to mark
the status as picked and delivered so that
the admin can check the status as soon as possible
Call customer: The phone number will be tap able
so that they can call the customer if required/td>
Location Map: Customers would require to enter a location/landmark
and that will be tagged. Using this tagging,
the delivery boy can get exact location of the customer
Admin Dashboard (Web Only)
Login/Forgot Password
Register New Admins: One super admin will be
made who will add more admins
Register Delivery Boys
Set Delivery Timings: Like 5am to 7am
Add City and areas in city where the business delivers
Assign city/area to other Admins to manage
Assign orders to delivery boys
Area management: Assign Delivery boys
to a particular area
Customer Wallet History
Customer Order History
Customer Refunds History
Create Subscription Plans
Create Categories, Sub Categories
and upload photo for each category/sub category
Add Products and upload photo of product
Order Listing
Add Promotional Banners
Payments/Refund History to Customer Wallets
Full Data Security
Database BackupEvery 60 minutesEvery 5 minutes
Development Cost One Time:
This is the package cost for development.
Rs. 1,20,000/- Rs. 1,60,000/-

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Extra Cost to Be Paid Directly to Companies: (I will setup these for you)

  1. Google: USD 25 once for Android App Development
  2. Apple: USD 99/199 for iOS App Development
  3. Transactional SMS: Rs. 0.18 to Rs. 0.25 per sms depending on the package. Check
  4. OTP SMS: Rs. 0.18 to Rs. 0.25 per sms from (OTP and Transactional sms are different
  5. Transactional Email Service: SendPulse
  6. Domain: from Godaddy depending on the domain type
  7. Virtual Private Server:
    1. Cloudways ( starting USD 22/month. I personally use this
    2. Godaddy ( Rs.2,372+GST per month

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 50% payment needs to be in advance. Rest 50% after I make the apps live.
  2. Service is provided between 9am to 6pm INDIA TIME Monday to Friday only. I work alone. I don't have a team.
  3. Marketing Website is NOT included in the above cost.
  4. Once the server account is setup, you would need to attach your credit card or pay a minimum of 1 month of server fees before I can setup a server for you. Without this step, I will not be able to set up a server.
  5. Work can only start after server is set up and Google + Apple fees are paid by you. I will help you in this.
  6. No source code will be given to you as this is a proprietary platform I developed.
  7. Server Access will Not be given due to above point.
  8. Optional Maintenance Plan can be taken. I will tell you more when we have a meeting.
  9. Data entry like images etc. need to be done by you.
  10. Logo needs to be given to me.
  11. Custom design and branding are not done by me. I am not a designer.
  12. Banners and other graphical assets need to be given to me. I can hire a designer if you want and you can pay directly to him/her.

The above terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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