Almost everytime a prospective client calls me, they are confused as to the exact cost of mobile app development. And I am going to explain as simple as possible so that people have an idea as to what is needed for mobile app to function.
You see, mobile app per se does not work in isolation i.e., the mobile app needs to store data and generate leads for the owner. The owner needs to have some way of knowing as to who all are using the mobile app, who is coming back to the app etc. You want to track the behaviour and get some benefit out of it.
So, for developing any mobile app, you need the following at minimum:

  1. Developer account with Apple and Google
  2. Coding
  3. Design
  4. Testing
  5. Server
  6. SSL
  7. Domain
    And each of the above is priced as per the requirements and need. So, for Facebook, the app development cost goes in crores where as for Grofers it goes in lakhs. For my own app (where is it) it was Rs. 50K. It all depends on what you want the app to do and how to do it. But at minimum, the above list is required.
    Don’t think that once you made the app, you will get thousands of downloads. You need to do marketing for it also. You need to make people understand as to why they should use your app rather than your competitor’s. Marketing alone costs a few thousands of rupees.
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