Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   December 4, 2015

I am going to go for native mobile development

I am going to go for native mobile development. This does not sound so good when it comes to delivering on 2 platforms: Android and iOS. But this is a tough call I had to take.


Some background first. I am a developer who is not an engineering student. I self taught myself and I started off as a Web Designer and JavaScript was the obvious choice to make. Over a period of 11 years I honed by skills in JavaScript and PHP to become a full stack developer. So, the next step was mobile development obviously. I tried learning Java but vomited, I tried learning Obj-C but fainted and in the end I came back to my dear JavaScript. As a result hybrid mobile app development was the obvious choice. I tried my hands at Jquery mobile but it is awful. I was very disheartened. But then I found Ionic Framework and started developing using it.

So, you found Ionic, but tell us why, man?

Ok, ok, sorry for making you wait. Android. That is why. Ionic’s performance on iOS is off the charts but performance on Android is bad as hell. Even Android 5.1 with a super fast phone, it is bad. Taps are painfully slow and the transitions are choppy which are noticeable. I cannot remove transitions from my apps as people are so habitual of them that it is a necessity. And my clients are complaining for bad performance on Android. No matter how much I try to convince them, they don’t understand. As a result, they have bad user experience and blame the developer. For me my clients are very important and since my clients are in a market which is dominated by Android, I have to do something about it.

But wait, there is crosswalk and native transitions plugin?

Yeah, I look at them as hacks. Crosswalk adds 20MB to the app size and my clients want their apps to be lean because of connectivity problem and data usage. Native transitions plugin is good but not that good on every Android phone. 

In the end, I want a stable and reliable platform.

That is sad. So, what now?

I can’t learn Java. I just can’t. I am looking to learn Swift but there is so much typing, delegating, segues, storyboards that it puts me off. But I have found a solution: Telerik’s Nativescript. Yeah, that is a God sent thing for JavaScript Developers.

Wait, JS? That means it is another hybrid framework.

You can call it a hybrid framework but the UI and other things are native. I mean when you create a list view, the output is a native list view on both iOS and Android which is rendered natively on the phones and not dependent on web view. 

But is it good?

Don’t know. I have been toying with it but it is a promising platform. I will be watching it for couple of months and lets see where it goes.

Oh well.

Yeah, oh well. I will have to focus on perfecting one platform as I have to follow the guidelines of each but lets see whether it will be Android or iOS. I wish Android ups their OS and make it more stable but I don’t see that happening as it has gone the windows way. No control over the hardware and software.