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Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   August 29, 2016

Why do you need an SSL Certificate.


SSL Certificate ensures that the information which your user enters on their browser, like username and passwords, is encrypted before being transferred to the server. This information is then decrypted on the server and used. This ensures that no hacking can be done during the time your user clicks the button and till the server gives response.

Long Version

Whenever you open your bank's website, you see a lock icon or a green bar next to the browser's address bar like This means that the company has taken steps to ensure that the information you share with them over internet is not readable to anyone else. This increases your trust and confidence in the company and you are happy to feel that whatever you type will not be leaking.

So how does it work? Well it is all maths. But in simpler terms, when you type abc, it gets converted into @#34211 and is sent to the server where the server converts it self into abc. Then the server does it work and resends the output xyz as 0123). Then the browser converts it into xyz and shows you the result.

Why do I need to have SSL on my website/api? The straightforward reason is that Apple has disabled the apps from sending data over non https websites. This means that when you call any command on your server from your iOS app, Apple will reject it and not let the call go through. Your users will see nothing and the whole thing fails in the background. This was done by Apple to ensure more security to the users. In case of Android, there is no restriction but there are so many viruses and malware apps on the play store, that they can listen to your user's data and read all data which is not transferred over https. Then the virus writer can try to gain access to your server and in turn your user can sue you because the data leaked.

Is it expensive to deply SSL? No, of course not. Many server companies are deploying SSL these days for free but those are good for browser based websites or apps and not mobile apps as older Android versions don't support that new SSL company. If you need to support Android less than 6, like Android 4.2, you would need to buy a new SSL certificate from an established company. I can get it cheap for you for around Rs. 1,000/- per year.

Feel free to ask questions from me. If you have a requirement for mobile app development, I might be able to serve you.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   June 1, 2016

Why I hate developing for iOS?

[UPDATE:] Since writing of this post, my subequent app update was approved within 24 hours by apple!

I am a mobile app developer and since I code for both iOS and Android, I have figured that Android wins every single time as far as appstore availablility is concerned.

Recently a small bug went into the iOS phonegap app I made. The bug was in one of the plugins which has not been updated for a long time and it is the only plugin available which does the work. It was crashing the iOS app when used but Android was absolutely fine.

I released the app with the bug and now my client is after my life as he has to start with the marketing of the app. And he wants to market android and ios both. So, he is calling me everyday to know about the status and everyday I say, "It is waiting for review". The app is in waiting for review since last 3 days and there is no way I can even request apple to expedite it without putting in a formal request, which I don't want to do as the slots are limited.

Now, why the hell does it take so much time, apple? Why is it that your OS is so advanced but you have to manually review the apps? Why oh why? Why can't you spend some parts of your $169 billion cash on AI and Automation?

This is the exact reason I have moved to native android development and not native ios development as apple as a company is snooty and don't give a damn for their developers even after they charge $99 for development every year.

Just by making speeches, the developer community will not be appeased. Act on those commitments.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   March 11, 2016

Health Bank: It is in Google Play Store

Hooray! My another app is in app store. Health Bank. Go grab it here:

It is a report storage app where you can click and save your reports in your account and share it with other people or even your doctor. Then the shared report can have comments or tags or permission based views.

It is a very good app which will help lot of people, specially doctors and labs to manage the reports of their patients.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   September 15, 2015

My mobile app is in app store

I developed a mobile app under my name, Where is it, couple of days back and it is now available in the android app store. You can get it from there:

iOS app is also live but it is not yet released and is under review. I will post the link a soon as possible.

It took me 1 week to code the app. Yes, 1 week because it is a hybrid app with no backend and all the data is backed up on cloud. It would have easily took me 1 month to create the native app on only one platform. This is the advantage of a hybrid app. It is code once, run everywhere.

I will soon release couple of apps more. Can’t give the timeline as they are under development.

Want to get a mobile app developed? Get in touch with me on

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