Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   August 29, 2016

Why do you need an SSL Certificate.


SSL Certificate ensures that the information which your user enters on their browser, like username and passwords, is encrypted before being transferred to the server. This information is then decrypted on the server and used. This ensures that no hacking can be done during the time your user clicks the button and till the server gives response.

Long Version

Whenever you open your bank's website, you see a lock icon or a green bar next to the browser's address bar like This means that the company has taken steps to ensure that the information you share with them over internet is not readable to anyone else. This increases your trust and confidence in the company and you are happy to feel that whatever you type will not be leaking.

So how does it work? Well it is all maths. But in simpler terms, when you type abc, it gets converted into @#34211 and is sent to the server where the server converts it self into abc. Then the server does it work and resends the output xyz as 0123). Then the browser converts it into xyz and shows you the result.

Why do I need to have SSL on my website/api? The straightforward reason is that Apple has disabled the apps from sending data over non https websites. This means that when you call any command on your server from your iOS app, Apple will reject it and not let the call go through. Your users will see nothing and the whole thing fails in the background. This was done by Apple to ensure more security to the users. In case of Android, there is no restriction but there are so many viruses and malware apps on the play store, that they can listen to your user's data and read all data which is not transferred over https. Then the virus writer can try to gain access to your server and in turn your user can sue you because the data leaked.

Is it expensive to deply SSL? No, of course not. Many server companies are deploying SSL these days for free but those are good for browser based websites or apps and not mobile apps as older Android versions don't support that new SSL company. If you need to support Android less than 6, like Android 4.2, you would need to buy a new SSL certificate from an established company. I can get it cheap for you for around Rs. 1,000/- per year.

Feel free to ask questions from me. If you have a requirement for mobile app development, I might be able to serve you.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   August 8, 2016

Android captures 97% of the market share in India.

I recently got to know that Android has captured 97% of the market share in India. Source. Out of all the smartphone users in India, they are using some version of the Android app. This means that you definitely need to target Android users first when you are making a mobile app for your business.

iOS users are the ones from whom you will generate more revenue as they are the ones who spend money on apps as opposed to Adnroid users. Reason is that the iOS users are from an income group which is higher than the average Android user base. Android users are more used to free apps as the play store is cluttered with sub standard free apps.

If you have an idea which would mean a stand alone mobile app, you do need to target iOS users also but Android should be the first OS which you should target as it is easier to test and fast to update the app than iOS.

Get in touch with me to know more.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   July 21, 2016

SEO: Should you do it for the long term?

Many times I have to teach my clients about what is SEO and how important it is. And everytime I tell them about the monthly cost, they either start sweating or outright say no. You see, SEO is a monthly activity which you have to do forever if you need a return. But it might not be the case always. I suggest my clients that hire an Search Engine Optimiser for minimum of 3 months and then check the return on investment (ROI) after 6 months. Yes, invest for 3 months and check the ROI after 6 months.

I hired an SEO guy for only 1 month. He did all he could do and I was thinking that I should have hired for a long term at that time. But I was pleasantly surprised that now, after 6 months, my website is on 1st page for the selected keyword, which drives ok traffic to my website, and my blog, for which I did not do any SEO, also comes on 1st page of Google for selected keywords. I was wondering how is this possible since I stopped with SEO just after 1 month.

Here's why:

  1. By doing SEO, the content was optimised and my website was submitted in search engines. This led the search engines to expedite the process.
  2. I was updating the content, on my own, periodically.
  3. New content is favoured by search engines.
  4. The older the website, the better chances that search engines will take you seriously.
  5. More clicks means more relevant is the website. I was promoting my existing content which led to more clicks and as a result google gave more importance to my website/blog.
  6. The website is made for people to read and has relevant content. It is not flashy so it loads very fast. Faster loading, more points.
  7. It is made for mobile. It is optimised for mobile also. Mobile compatible, more points.

So, to conclude, do SEO for minimum 3 months and keep promoting & adding new content so that search engines feel that the website is not defunct. And SEO takes time. You will see results after minimum of 6 months only.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   March 25, 2016

Freelancers are their own worst enemy

Recently I had a telephonic chat with a prospect and he was a non technical guy who does not know anything as to how a mobile application or a web application works or gets developed. He told me that he wants to meet but will not share anything much about the idea as he is fearful I might steal it. I was perplexed and kind of offended but then he told me his reason:

He had 2 ideas stolen by 2 different freelancers and 1 freelancer never got back

I was zapped. What? And even after he had got an NDA signed by them? Yes, even after an NDA.

So, what happened.

  1. Freelancer 1 met him and got the full gist of the idea. He said no to the prospective client as it was not possible, the reason he gave. My prospective client got to know after 6 months that the an app in the app store is available which does exactly the same thing which he thought of and after some detective work, he got to know that Freelancer 1 is behind that.
  2. Freelancer 2 met, discussed but said that it is not possible as there are many government permissions needed to build that app and what not. My prospect finds that after 1 year there is a same service in the market which he thought of.
  3. Freelancer 3 met, discussed and never got back. He continued to follow up or call Freelancer 3 but he never picked the prospective cliet's call or reply to emails.

This is bad. This experince burnt his fingers and he swears he will never ever share the ideas with anyone till he is convinced that the person is genuinly not out to steal his idea.

I told him that I need to know something to suggest him what needs to be done but he remained skeptical. I have decided to meet him and lets see what comes out of that meeting.

But to make something clear about my self:

I have not and never will share your idea with someone else or steal your idea from you as I am not that person. I don't plan short term, I plan long term. I am not greedy like that person who would kill a golden goose. I want my clients to trust me and keep coming back to me for long time.

But the point is no matter how much I say that I am a good person or I won't do anything bad to my client or prospect, I do get weighed on the same balance. I do get bad looks as I am a freelancer and other freelancers have tainted this term with their bad reputation.

Freelancers, please stop it. Have some work ethic. Give good returns to your clients. Don't break their trust. Give good returns to even the prospective clients so that they come back to you to get more work done.

Gaurav Chandra Gaurav Chandra   March 3, 2016

What is web hosting and what are the different types of hosting?

Many times my clients ask me a question: What is hosting and what are different types of hosting? To answer this question, I simply ask them to spend sometime watching this video.

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