I have been working on my side project – Telx.Mobi which enables everyone to save money by replacing SMS OTPs with a Missed Call for verifying phone numbers. Check it out at www.telx.mobi.
Telx.Mobi is a service which helps you in saving money by replacing SMS OTPs with a Missed Call verification system. You only need a cheap spare Android Phone and you can start receiving missed calls and incoming sms without a need for expensive equipment or pocket heavy monthly subscription. You have full control over the choice of mobile number and it remains in your possession always. Don’t want to use the number for missed calls, just stop using Telx.Mobi. Since, it is your number, it will not be assigned to anyone else ever.
There are many uses of Telx but the most important one is 2nd Factor Authentication or Mobile Number Verification. Don’t send an SMS OTP but ask your users to give a missed call on your chosen number. They will be verified instantly and you will save money. Other uses are missed call voting, call back request by giving a missed call, get to know the order status by sending an sms to your Telx.Mobi number or register an sms complaint. It is that simple.
So, try it out for yourself www.telx.mobi.