Short Version: Do not hire part time freelancers or mobile app developers or web app developers. You will have lot of headaches in coordinating and the time to go live WILL overshoot your timeline.
I am working on a project for a small company based out of Bangalore. They wanted a mobile app and a web based admin panel to manage the workflow. They are targeting end consumers. I was hired to do both but because of their aggressive timeline, they decided to give the web work to somebody else (part time freelancer and cheaper than me). Their go to market date was 1st May. Till now, the mobile app is complete 95% and web panel only 10%. Why? I was supposed to do the mobile app for ios and android along with server side php coding for application porgramming interface (API), language by which the mobile will communicate with the server database. But the other guy insisted on doing the API as he was too fixated on doing the things his way. My dependency is now on him. I completed my mobile app by 22nd March but till now I cannot release it to public because he is slacking on his part. He is supposed to give me the pending API so that I can finish my work.
I have been nagging him every single day to complete the work and he always comes up with an excuse. In short he is working full time for a big IT firm, and he freelances in the night where he can give max 3 hours per day. Due to working in night, the client cannot coordinate effectively with him or meet him. And he has multiple freelancing projects. He has a small family due to which he cannot take out time on Sundays.
Yes, he is cheap. He quoted half of the price which I did but now the client is angry that the project is delayed with no end in sight. They share their concern with me and I always say, "It is your fault.". They went with the cheapest option and they are paying a price for it. If I would have been doing the whole project, I would have completed all work by now.
I always keep my clients first. That is why I charge a premium. I am more expensive than other freelancers and sometimes a small company. I am a Mercedes of Mobile and Web App Development.