I maintain full transparency when it comes to your work.

What does it mean?

It means that when you are dealing with me, I talk straight and do not tell lies. If your project is getting delayed, I will tell it to you straight. If I am not able to do something, I will tell it to you straight. If you are not making payments on time (hopefully you will), I will tell it to you straight why did I stop the work. I do not make a fool out of my clients.

Long Story

Many times people feel cheated or their trust is broken. Think about it. It has happened to me and it must have happened to you also. In this case what do we do? We curse and take bad names for that person who cheated you. Cheating can be mental and financial. Financial cheating does not last long with as money can be earned again but mental cheating stays with us forever.

In my industry (software development or IT) many times the projects are delayed and most of the time it is because of over promise and under delivery. But the developer or the project manager will not admit their mistakes for fear of backlash from the client's side. They will make a fool out of the client by telling lies and this leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the client because you are not getting a clear transparent picture about your project. This has happened to me once when I decided to outsourse somework to another freelancer. Never again.

I do not do this. If I am going to take more than 1 project, then I tell all the clients that I am going to be short on time and I have to adhere to strict timelines. I tell the prospective client that I am already involved with a project and your timeline might increase. This seems to be counter productive as I would be hitting my own foot on the axe, but it leads to trust building. At least I told in advance that I might delay the project. It is upto the prospect to hire me from then on. And they do hire me many times; why? Simple, I was transparent.

That is why I have made it a part of my motto to have transparent dealing with you. If you hire me, you will have a peaceful mind and my work speaks for itself. Do have a look at my testimonials and read for yourself what my clients say about me.