Hybrid vs Native Apps

When we develop for mobile, we have 2 ways to develop; Hybrid or Native. I will try to explain as easily as possible.

Hybrid Mobile App

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  1. A hybrid app is made in HTML, CSS and JS
  2. It talks to the OS via Phonegap/Cordova run time
  3. It sends command to access camera, notifications etc. using phonegap/cordova plugins
  4. Mostly dependent on availablity of plugins. If there is no plugin available for some task, it cannot be done
  5. Not as smooth in user experience as a native application as the performance is dependent on OS and plugins
  6. Write once and run on Android or iOS easily
  7. No need to develop separately for each platform

Native Mobile App

  1. No restriction on what can be done. Only limit is OS
  2. A Native Application is an app using the recommended core technologies of a system mostly concerning presentation and user interface
  3. Takes longer to develop as 2 developers are needed
  4. Android coding is done in Java and iOS is in Swift/Objective C
  5. Expensive in maintaining and developing
  6. A smooth user experience as the code is compiled

Hybrid vs Native

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