Once of my close friends asked me to help his client who wants a mobile app developed. Since, I do not do native mobile app development (I am going to start soon) I decided to contact other mobile app developers or mobile app development companies.
I contacted many via their website contact form. Except one none responded. I contacted them on phone and one thing which every one wanted was a requirement document in detail which involved each and every functionality so that they can assess the cost even before meeting or knowing what the prospect wants. I was taken aback a little because when I approach a prospective client, I listen to them and the problem first, instead of asking for requirement document at the very first meeting.
Many of the clients do not know what they want. As a service provider or mobile app developer, it is my duty to first understand what they are trying to achieve and then I will create the requirement document for them so that they know what they want. This approach makes them trust me more as they get a feeling that I am not there only for money but I want to make sure that they succeed in achieving what they want via a mobile app.
This is the difference between me and other mobile app developers or companies. I think only about your interest. Money will automatically follow as a consequence. If you are happy, you will happily pay for my services.
I think it is time for us as developers or software development companies to treat clients or even prospective clients as people rather than an ATM.