When you search on google with the keyword "Freelance Mobile App Developer" you will get lot of results on the front page. If you see top 3 results, you will see names and websites of 2 developers who are just making their website and content for SEO purpose only. If you see their websites, it is full of irrelevant information and haphazardly made. In fact one of them has a fake testimonial video also on his website.
Now, I am not saying that you should not hire them. I am saying that they are not trustworthy as they are making their website, putting in content on their website not for YOU but for Google so that they rank higher when you search for a developer. This makes me wonder that how can they be trusted with a project? Sure, they are very cheap. They can make a mobile app in Rs. 20,000/- only but what about after sales service. Wht about the times when you need to get some changes done? At that time they will start charging you a BOMB.
To change even a speling, they will ask you to pay upto Rs. 2,000/- when in fact it costs nothing. Can you afford to keep work with these developers in the long term? Ask yourself.
Hire a trustworthy person and pay a little extra so that you get the best of service. A trustworthy person will be an asset and will be available when you need them for your project.
Get in touch with me to know how I can help you with your project. Sure, I am more expensive than the others but I will not make a fool out of you when you need me.